Aluminum and non-ferrous metal foundry

We devoted over 30 years of activity to both expanding knowledge and developing the technologies we use – from design and modeling to the production of finished products from Al and Cu alloys. The “WAKO” non-ferrous metal foundry is a modern foundry of aluminum, copper and their alloys using sand and steel molds. We specialize in the production of technical and decorative components from non-ferrous metals, but in small series it is possible to make elements from cast iron. Thanks to the modernization of our machine park, we are able to carry out orders from companies operating in many industries, including primarily within:

  • machine industry,
  • automotive industry,
  • energy industry,
  • medical industry.

In our factory, we also manufacture semi-finished products of varying weights for the needs of construction, mining and maintenance. Aluminum, copper or iron castings made in our factory meet all the necessary standards and norms in force in Poland, Europe and the world. Aluminum and non-ferrous metal foundries such as “WAKO” – focusing on continuous development and individual solutions, guarantee high-quality products regardless of the number of ordered items.

To be able to fully meet the needs of our clients, we also provide services in the field of machining and powder coating of details made by us. When deciding to cooperate with our factory, you choose comprehensive service – from making a model based on the drawing or design to the production of small as well as several thousand series of technical or decorative details.


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