Sand casting

Sand casting plays an important role among the services provided by WAKO. This is one of the most popular and widely used production technologies of machine parts or accessories, allowing for precise results at reasonable costs.

What is the process about?

Sand casting is a technologically advanced process. Its first stage is to create sand molds or models equipped with a foundry core. Then these forms are flooded with metal in liquid form with strictly defined properties. To achieve a precisely defined shape of the final product, after being removed from the mold, the elements are further processed.

Advantages of the method

As a metal foundry with experience, we are able to present you with the specific benefits of choosing this method. These include primarily:

  • low production costs of manufactured elements,
  • versatility – allows creating products of various shapes, dimensions and weights,
  • production speed,
  • serial – the ability to create a large number of identical elements, which is important in industry.


Our factory will undertake various, even complex orders. Our offer is directed primarily to companies operating in the machinery industry, manufacturers of equipment and metal products.