Powder coating

The exceptional accuracy of the surface coverage and the fast implementation time make powder coating one of the most effective methods of applying colored and protective coatings on various types of surfaces. This technique boils down to applying paint to the surface in the form of a powder by spraying. The coating is applied using a special gun, which dispenses a thin layer of the product. Coverage coverage allows you to apply it quickly and evenly.

The most important advantages of this method include smooth, crack-free coatings. Even coverage means that the entire surface is adequately protected from external factors. This guarantees, among other things, high corrosion resistance. The low thickness of the coating allows to achieve the final desired thickness of the paint layer. A big advantage is also the ability to choose any color from a very wide range of colors.

Professional powder coating works in a very short time while maintaining high accuracy of coverage. It is possible to apply this painting technique to any type of object – also irregular shapes.