Permanent mold casting

We present one of the most effective methods of metal production and processing – using permament molds. This solution is perfect for everyone who wants to:

  • accuracy and precision in terms of dimensions of manufactured items,
  • increasing metal yield,
  • fast heat treatment guaranteeing at the same time an increase in the efficiency of the plant or factory.

Why choose permament mold casting?

It is a method that uses durable forms that are filled with metal many times. We recommend its selection to anyone who wants to achieve greater precision and dimensional accuracy compared to machining with sand forks.

Our metal foundry gladly uses this method because it saves both time related to production and energy. An additional advantage is the ability to produce elements without surface roughness – to a greater extent than is the case with the sand method.

For whom?

Due to the possibility of achieving such precise results, casting recommended for companies engaged in the serial production of even small objects or machine elements as well as fittings with geo-tight and liquid-tight properties. Using this method, we are able to create items that meet the customer’s requirements not only in size and shape, but also weight or smoothness of the surface.