Aluminum and non-ferrous metal casting

By placing an order in our factory, you can count on comprehensive execution of the order. We can prepare each order for you so that the bodies or details leaving our factory are ready for assembly.

The “WAKO” aluminum and non-ferrous metal foundry has both a professional model shop as well as a machining center and powder coating. Such an extensive plant allows not only to reduce the waiting time for the finished product, but also to reduce the number of entities involved in the production process of aluminum castings, as well as those made of other non-ferrous metals or iron.


Models designed and made by our specialists give you and us confidence that approx. 1.5% shrinkage of the setting material has been taken into account, which allows to avoid cracks, stresses or shrinkage in finished products.

Sand and chill production

We use sand molds for piece, small-lot or bulky production. The molding mass allows to make aluminum, brass, zinc and iron castings very accurately reflecting the shape of the model. For larger, even several thousand orders we use steel molds. Elements made in pressure molds can have almost any shape and very thin, smooth walls.


Aluminum castings and those made of other non-ferrous metals and iron can be subjected to turning, milling, drilling and other finishing processes.

Powder coating

The spraying method allows you to cover both part and the entire surface of details with powder paint. Electrifying the paint and polymerizing the coated element guarantee a durable, uniform coating.


225 AlSi6Cu4 EN AC-45000 7369-74.4 A319.1 A-S 5 U 3 LM21
226 AlSi8Cu3 EN AC-46200 5075-79 333.1 A-S 10 UG LM2
230 AlSi12 EN AC-44200 413.2 A-S 13 LM6
231 AlSi12Cu EN AC-47000 5079 A-S 12 U LM2
233 AlSi10Cu EN AC-43200 5074 361 A-S 9 G
239 AlSi10Mg EN AC-43000 3051 A360.2 A-S 10 G LM9
Si7 AlSi7Mg EN AC-42100 8024 356.0 / A356.0 A-S 6 G 0,3 LM25
Si9 AlSi9Mg EN AC-43300 3051 359.2 A-S10 G LM9
Unif. AlZn10Si8Mg EN AC-71000 3602 712.0 A-Z 5 GF



Powder coating



Aluminum castings in steel molds

Sand castings

Brass castings

ZnAl castings