Modeling is an important part of the foundry process. It should be borne in mind that the foundry model is a kind of auxiliary device with a specific shape of the cast object (with some changes dictated by the process conditions). Appropriate preparation allows achieving very good final results.

Our model shop offers foundry modeling using computer techniques, thanks to which we achieve very high accuracy and precision, and the finished products fully meet the requirements set for them. In addition, the computer program allows for the implementation of individual orders as well as the execution of entire series. We are able to model based on the technical documentation prepared by us or provided by the client, while we supervise the progress of work, constantly monitoring progress. We can make new modeling for our clients, as well as repair damaged or incomplete. Thanks to proven solutions, we are able to undertake the production of castings of small, medium and large dimensions, as well as simple and complex shapes. Due to its properties, modeling in mechanics finds a wide range of applications.