In our foundry we also have the opportunity to perform professional services in the field of metalworking. Thanks to modern lathes that we have on offer, we can precisely manufacture various elements in large quantities.

We perform professional turning of metals and aluminum – the parts are machined quickly and have the shape that results from the customer’s design. Companies from various industries used our services – including creating durable construction elements, producing professional machines or producing details of various vehicles or devices.

Rolling methods

Turning is an advanced process, thanks to which the element can be machined outside or inside, both vertically and horizontally. We also distinguish lateral, longitudinal or copy methods in which the feed motion vector is another parameter. Specialized turning tools built into the devices allow for easy and quick processing of various types of metals, including, for example, special steel, tool steel, construction steel, and stainless steel. Thanks to modern machines, aluminum machining performed by us is characterized by a lower tolerance value and the possibility of making even thin objects of various shapes.

Our offer

We can make aluminum and metal turning in various shapes. These may include rollers used in machines, specialized axles, large sleeves and smaller rings, cones used in various tools, threads (on cones or cylinders) or balls. These elements will be used in many different industries. We can make complex shapes that perfectly reproduce the design given to us.

Thanks to our extensive machine park, the turning services offered by us are performed very efficiently, even for non-standard orders. The machines have powerful engines that maintain performance even at high loads.

We offer a comprehensive service – from the design of the casting and its implementation, to working it through turning, milling or drilling, and then appropriate painting of such elements. Trust our fifty years of experience and contact us.