Precision gears, extremely small grooves or threads in a variety of components – making them would not have been possible without professional milling. Without carefully made gears or screws, it is difficult to imagine today’s industry and the construction, machinery and automotive industries. Also, we would not be happy with many common devices today. It is extremely important that the detail milling is done properly – defects and high tolerance are almost a fault.

Milling process

Milling is a process of cutting in a rotational motion, during which the material performs a feed motion, thanks to which the machine blades easily process the element (e.g. wooden, aluminum or metal). There are several techniques for this type of processing, including frontal or peripheral. There are also many different shapes of the milling machines themselves – various solutions in their construction allow for a different approach to machining. Devices may have different blades (e.g. arched or single-section), and their main working element may have the shape of e.g. cylindrical, worm, mandrel, saw or disc.

For cutting flat surfaces, machines with a cylindrical element are usually used. Mandrel devices, in turn, are great for making various grooves in the material. The saw tips will help in cutting the material, and the disk tips will work in both cutting and creating the right channels. “Snails”, in turn, are irreplaceable in making gears.

As you can see, there is a great variety of machines. Our company provides services thanks to various, modern and advanced devices that cope with various types of metals, such as steel (including stainless steel), copper and aluminum.

Our offer

We offer, among others metal and aluminum milling. These materials, due to their hardness, are particularly difficult to process. Elements are processed with the greatest attention to detail – regardless of the number of ordered parts. The equipment capabilities also include various types of curvilinear elements and planes. Depending on the order, we select appropriate machines and accessories for work.

Why us?

Choosing us, you choose saving – we can make metal and aluminum castings to order, and then process them, in accordance with the project sent to us. Thanks to this, we realize even large orders quickly. We have made milling services for dozens of different companies – come to us and join our satisfied customers.