Drilling The execution of the appropriate holes that allow the assembly or bonding of various elements must be very precise – errors in this process may cause mismatch and, as a consequence, the weakness of the structure or device. Therefore, thanks to our modern machine park and specialized tools, we can perform accurate drilling of holes in metal (including aluminum or steel).

Comprehensive service

In our foundry, we provide you with comprehensive service – from casting elements to their proper treatment – including drilling holes. We perform the service relatively quickly, thanks to the large number of specialized devices. Drilling in aluminum or steel is not a problem for us and we can also make polygonal holes thanks to the use of special tips. We have the ability to perform various projects – from the simplest to the most complex and difficult to implement.

Drilling process

Drilling is a different process depending on your needs. It can be, among others blind (e.g. halfway through the hole) or pass through. It is also possible to increase the diameter of the holes made in the material or to deepen them. Various types of drills are used for these processes – including feather (with small diameters, working to small depths), barrel (to large depths), tubular (with wide diameter) or countersinks.

We work on the basis of technical diagrams sent to us. Hundreds of companies have used our services for 50 years of activity. Our offer was used by, among others TPSA Orange, Petrochemia Płock or Impact Automotive or the Supreme Administrative Court. Therefore, we encourage other companies to contact us – together we can make excellent projects.