The technological process consisting in obtaining the required shapes and dimensions of objects by removing a specific volume of material with the help of a dedicated tool is machining. Sometimes, as a result of this process, the element subjected to the work of tools receives not only specific dimensions and form, but also specific mechanical and physical properties of the surface. Most cutting is carried out on metal materials, including aluminum.

The basic types of machining of metals, aluminum and other materials include:

  • initial – as a result, the top layers of the material are removed.
  • shaping – as a result, the object receives the desired shape.
  • finishing – as a result, the object gains its final shape, and the surface – its final smoothness.

Depending on the type of cutting tool blades, abrasive and chip machining of aluminum and other metals can be distinguished. The first of these is made using tools with an indefinite number of blades and an indefinite geometry. As a result of the work of hard blades of abrasive grains, shavings are invisible to the naked eye. Chip cutting is carried out using tools with a certain number of blades and known geometry, and the resulting chips are visible to the naked eye.

The most popular machining services:

  • turning – in this process, the main rotary movement is carried out by the workpiece, which is driven by the lathe spindle, while the auxiliary feed movement is performed by the tool.
  • milling – in this process the milling cutter performs a rotary cutting motion, while the workpiece performs a feed motion relative to the milling cutter. This technique can be used in machining various types of surfaces, curvilinear surfaces, threads and even gears.
  • drilling – in this process holes are created in the workpiece due to the use of a tool (drill) making rotary and feed motion along the axis of rotation.

Depending on the planned results, properly selected tools and accessories for turning, milling or drilling are used. We have an extensive machine park thanks to which the implementation of machining services is fast, safe and in line with the expectations of our customers. Drilling, turning and milling are based on the technical documentation provided to us, while we ensure very high dimensional accuracy of finished products.