Brass castings

We mainly manufacture components from non-ferrous metals, but to a lesser extent we also provide services that result in custom-made brass castings. This is a popular material that is very popular among customers. They are often made both for the needs of industry, but they also make many other everyday items in households as well as in public buildings.


The use of this type of material gives customers many benefits, while copper and zinc are used primarily, and to a lesser extent other metals. The advantages of brass casting include:

  • very good durability of this material, keeping it in good condition for many years,
  • flexibility, allowing you to create various shapes,
  • good anti-corrosion properties,
  • wide use of many varieties, so they can be universally used.


Due to the numerous forms of brass castings, it is possible to use them to produce, for example:

  • furniture fittings, including above all door handles,
  • bathroom fittings
  • elements of musical instruments,
  • industrial parts used, for example, in the automotive industry and construction.

Wykonywane usługi

As a brass foundry, we implement custom-made products for our customers, thanks to which we can tailor our activities to their needs by following the documentation provided to us. As a manufacturer of custom-made brass castings, we attach great importance to the precise implementation of every detail, thanks to which we strictly follow the orders entrusted to us. For production, we use only very good quality materials that allow us to create functional and effective consumer and decorative products.





Brass castings